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Exhaust Pipe and Tips

Exhaust pipe is a general term for several different pipes used throughout the exhaust system. Although configurations vary with different makes, models and engines, there is usually a front exhaust pipe connecting the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter, an intermediate exhaust pipe connecting the catalytic converter to the muffler, and a tailpipe connected to the outlet of the muffler and serving as the exhaust outlet. Exhaust pipes may be made of standard or stainless steel.
Exhaust pipes route exhaust gas away from the engine, through the catalytic converter and muffler and out the rear of the vehicle. As a result, pollution and sound are reduced, while ensuring safety by directing exhaust gas away from the vehicle.

Flowmaster Exhaust Pipe
Pipe Looking for the famous, full-on "Flowmaster tone?" Look no further! American Thunder will deliver the aggressive tone you want, as well as the performance you demand. Flowmaster's systems will improve acceleration and passing power, as well as help improve fuel mileage. Every system is individually engineered and dyno-tested for each application and includes all required mounting hardware. All tubing is mandrel bent for superior exhaust gas flow, and is a key to the system's performance improvements. Both mufflers and tubing are fabricated from aluminized steel for corrosion resistance.  Complete Flowmaster systems outperform most OEM and competitive aftermarket exhaust systems. Why? Because all Flowmaster systems are designed and tested for each specific type of vehicle. Our systems always include design specific muffler applications and mandrel bent tubing which work together, creating a general improvement in power, exhaust tone and gas mileage.
Titanium Exhaust Tip
Titanium Exhaust Tip NeveRust Stainless Steel or Titanium finish. Putco Lifetime Warranty.Easy No-Drill installation. 
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