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Flexi Joints

Flexi-joint coupled pipe-work may be temporary or permanent and will prevent the transmission of vibration and noise and allow flexibility in length and alignment.
Flexi-joints enable pipe work that has been cut to approximate length to be coupled together with only the aid of a spanner. This negates the need to weld, flange groove or thread in order to extend, repair or create pipe work for moderate system pressures.
It is also possible to assemble the flexi-joint in cramped locations and still retain a uniform leak-proof loading on the seal. Many years of successful application to thousands of pipe-work systems coupled with a progressive product development programme, enable this popular fitting for an ever-increasing range of applications.
The principle of a compression joint is well proven, the resilient seal is constrained to contract onto the pipe diameter when the clamp is tightened and will seal on all normal pipe surfaces that are free from deep scratches gouges and dents. The friction grip will prevent slip at low pressures but will require external restraint at high pressure.

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